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176                                     FLORA iNi)i<1.\.                  [A

which the male flower only is known, with two sepals, two petals, and four stamens,
is a doubtful Menispcrmaceous plant ; a specimen without flowers, which wo have
examined in the Bcnthamian Herbarium, tawing quite as much the appearance of
JBKp/ior6iau:etf. Several new species of Menutpermacetp, in addition to those described
for the first time in the following pages, exist in our own collections, but in a state
too imperfect to euablts ns to characterize them, some being without flowers, and
others consisting of flowering panicles of one sex without leaves.


A. Semina album inosn.

a.  Cotyledones divavicatnc (Ueterodinefp, Miers).

Cotyledones patcntim> divaricate .    ,    .    T. OOSCTNTE^I.
Cotyledones lateraliter divaricate    .    .   II. TINOSPOKE.E.

b.  Cotyledones appositac.

Ovaria 3 vel plura  ....... ITT. CGCCULEJB.

Ovaria solitaria ........ IV. CISSAMPELIDEJE.

Ğ. Semina exalbunririosa     .......   V. PA OUTGONE-*.


I.  GOSCINIE/E     ..........    i. Coscinium.


A.  Stamina 6, monadejpha ; anthcra) circa dis-
cum pcltatum horiKontulcs.

Putamen nutice planum     .....    2. slspidocarga ,

Putaraen jflnticc cxcavatum     ....    3. Parttbrma.

B.  Stamina C, Hh^ra   ........    4. Tinospora,

c.  Stamina numcrosa monadelpha ; an therm in

.   globum coalitat      ........    5, Anamiarla.


A.  Albumen ruininatum ; ovaria indefinita   .   6. Tiliacora.

B.  Albumen liomogcncum ; ovaria 3-C.

<?. Putaminis cavitates laterales, iutcrnae, la-

mina ossea tects3    .......    7. Limacia.

d, Putaminis cavitates laterales, externoe,

Stylus simplex    .......    8. Coccnttis.
Stylus bipartitus .......   9. Perkampyibu.
Fl. masc., scpala libera ; fl. fcem., sepala 3   .10. StepJurnia.
FL masc., sepala libera; fl. foem., sepalum 1 . 11. Oissainpelos.
FL masc., sepala coalitaj fl. fağm,, sepala 2.12, (fycka.
Petala 6     ...........  13. Pacfyfftme.
Petala 0     .   1    .........  14. Mraurea.
Genera dubiao tribus, fractu ignoto.
Stamina 6, libera    .......  15. T'momiscmm.
Stamina ad medium monadelpha     .   .  ir>. Pycnarrfona.